Questions about Lithium batteries and the answers

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What is involved in the design of a battery?
Often, when thinking about a battery of our own, the first thing that comes to mind is the cells and their size. They do indeed take up most space, but they also generate heat. And heat removal also takes up space.
Then there is the electronics of the BMS (Battery …
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What is the purpose of a BMS?
Lithium batteries are inherently unstable. When they go outside their operating range, they become a fire hazard. One of the jobs of the BMS is to ensure that cells are not overcharged or over discharged. In addition, the cell temperature must not rise too high and …
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Should I use cylindrical cells, or would it be better to use pouch type?
The most commonly used cells at the moment are the 18650 cylindrical cells. They offer an excellent balance between ease of use and function.
Flat cells (pouch) are not rolled, so the distance inside, to the terminals, is short. As a result, the internal resistance is …
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Will 1 NTC suffice, or should every cell be measured?
The purpose of the sensors is to protect the cells from overheating. With one sensor you can measure the temperature locally, but not the temperature of a cell at further distance.
It makes a difference whether there is good heat conduction through the pack. Then …
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A cost comparison? Is that so difficult?

Actually, it is. In many cases, the technician who has taken on the project is entrusted with making the cost comparison.

This is a motivated person. But because he/she is deeply involved in the project, he/she is also a biased person.

It is only when you are aware of …

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