Battery management system

For companies that build Lithium or Sodium batteries and need the best solution, we supply the Smart BMS for storage, mobility and power tool applications.

Engineering: Axtrel Battery Management

Since 2014, Axtrel Battery Management has been the leading supplier of custom Lithium/Sodium Battery packs and Smart BMS solutions. In those years, we have always helped our customers innovating and optimizing their products so that they could be leading in their market segment.
Axtrel Battery Management is a trademark of Engineering Spirit B.V.

We often saw that customers considered the cells of the battery to be the most important thing, whereas the BMS was then a closing item. This was motivated by the price of the cells, compared to the BMS.
However, the problems with batteries are usually caused by the BMS.
That’s why we consider the BMS the most important part. After all, with a good BMS, mediocre cells will still perform well, perhaps only for a shorter time.

This is why we have developed standard Smart BMS solutions. When extra functionality needs to be combined in the battery, we develop a specific BMS for you.

The Electronics development is outsourced to our parent company Engineering Spirit.

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Axtrel Battery Management
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