Use this module to develop a custom made BMS that fits the requirements without having to deal with all complex parts. Just add a power-circuit that fits and the BMS is ready to use.

The BBMS core is part of a system, with development tools like a demonstration kit, communication tool and software. Ideal for use in e-bike batteries and industrial battery systems.

Smart BMS

The BBMS core contains all features that can be expected from a high-end model. A selection of features is:

  • Versions for 7 (36V) upto 15 cells (54V)
  • Cell voltage monitoring
  • Charge and discharge current monitoring
  • Charge voltage monitoring
  • Accurate cell balancing
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Pre-charge
  • Automatic power down
  • Communication
  • Event history readout
  • Field upgradable firmware and settings

Advanced safety features

With the BBMS core as BMS, the pack is protected against:

  • Over/under voltage protection per cell
  • Over current (peak and I2T) and short circuit
  • Polarity, voltage, current charge protection
  • Over/under temperature protection
  • Hardware fault protection
  • Pack manufacturer authentication

Active pack life extension

Using charge controlling, charging to 80% and discharging to 20%, will increase the pack life by a factor of 2. Cell balance is still maintained with this option enabled.

Optionally a winter storage mode can be enabled, where the battery is kept at 50% to have minimal wear on the battery during this inactive period.

Logging features

The BBMS core has an event history storage of about 3000 events, where critical events like undervoltage or temperature are recorded. An onboard real-time clock enables a precise registration of the event.


The BMS core has implemented register-based access to multiple variables in the BMS core. The following communication protocols are supported.
Each of these communication protocols can wake the battery from the low power state, and turn the battery into the active state.

  • SMBus (I2C)
  • CAN
  • LIN1)
  • UART1)
Product codeDescriptionStatus
BBMS-Core-915BBMS core for 9 to 15 cell packsActive
BBMS-Core-610BBMS core for 6 to 10 cell packsOn request
BBMS-Core-35BBMS core for 3 to 5 cell packsOn request
BBMS-Development-915BBMS development board with BBMS core 915Active

1) Support will follow on request