BBMS Core demonstrator

This demonstrator gives access to the BBMS core functionality and allows for very short BMS development times. It allow quick evaluation of the BMS-core functionality.

Test drive the BBMS core

The BBMS demonstrator is part of a system, with development tools like a demonstration kit, communication tool and software. Although called a demonstrator, for one-off pack designs this demonstrator may also be used as fully functional BMS.

HIGH Power

The high-power circuit is designed to handle 60A1) continuous current, with 120A1) peak current (for 5 seconds maximum) without any additional cooling.

Cell balancing

Cell balancing is done with a 3 watt resistor, making it possible to have a large enough balancing current for high power packs.


The demonstrator uses a single charge and discharge setup.
Using the DC jack, 5A of charge current can be supplied.

The board also demonstrates the pre-charge function, enabled when the pack voltage is below the minimum pack voltage. The pack is charged with an limited current until it reaches a safe level to continue into fast charging.

Product codeDescriptionStatus
BBMS-Core-915BBMS core for 9 to 15 cell packsActive
BBMS-Core-610BBMS core for 6 to 10 cell packsOn request
BBMS-Core-35BBMS core for 3 to 5 cell packsOn request
BBMS-Development-915BBMS development board with BBMS core 915Active
  1. This requires additional components to be placed.