6LoWPan Custom development

A platform for development of Sensors and actuators that are directly controlled by the Avior module. Specific firmware may be written.
Since the Avior module has it’s own processor, there is no need for an extra application processor. This lowering the total cost of the design. This is for the more advanced engineers who can write code in C/C++.
The Avior’s ARM Cortex-M3 (STM32F101) processor is certainly powerful enough to handle all these tasks. The AT86RF212B chip forms the heart of the RF section.
Most spare I/O’s of the processor are available on the module pins.
So you may connect to the UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, analog inputs and digital I/O directly.


The “Avior Core” is a development board. The Avior module is already placed and all I/O is brought to Flat-cable connectors. The UART is connected through a FTDI USB-serial chip, so you can communicate with it from the PC. A JTAG connection allows programming using a debugger like the J-Link or ST-Link V2.

If you are experienced with writing code for ARM processors, you can make use of the Avior module’s on-board ARM processor to execute your application code. We will provide 6LoWPan libraries with the “Avior-Core” development board.

To connect sensors easily, the Avior-Core board has a ‘slot’ for a Microbus Click board.