Battery Management System

Axtrel – Battry Management Systems is dedicated to providing customers with complete BMS solutions with communication and advanced features.

Turn key BMS solution

Safe time and cost in the design and proto stage using the BBMS core and demonstrator. Either use the module or create your own board using the design files supplied.

BMS life cycle

After production and pack assembly the BBMS tester may be used for testing. Functional testing after production and final testing to make sure the pack assembled correctly.

You want/need to make your own solution? Consider all parts you need to design, produce and to comply with standards.

The BBMS solution solves al of these steps at minimum cost.



Use this module to develop a custom made BMS that fits the requirements without having to deal with all complex parts. Just add a power-circuit that fits and the BMS is ready to use.

BBMS Core demonstrator

This demonstrator gives access to the BBMS core functionality and allows for very short BMS development times. It allow quick evaluation of the BMS-core functionality.